Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vintage Pink Christmas Swap

Recently I joined this swap, my favorite color is pink so couldn't pass it up! Here are the questions I have to answer to let my partner know a little bit about me.
1. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? There are so many! I would have to say the ones my daughter has made when she was in grade school.
2. What colors/themes do you decorate for Christmas? I don't have any themes, mine is more of a mix of things I have collected that I like. My favorite colors would have to be red and silver.
3. What Christmas item would you love to have? A vintage pink feather tree someday!
4. Favoite goodie & drink? I like spiced apple cidar and sugar cookies.
5. Are you a crafter? Yes, i dabble in alot of things.
6. What is your favorite pink item in your home? I have a beautiful teacup and saucer that was my great aunts.
7. What do you collect? Vintage buttons, vintage lace, vintage rhinestone jewelry, glass bottle toppers, anything Paris, the list could go on forever I better stop there!
8. Do you have special family traditions for the holidays? We usually make a wreath every year for our front door.

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Anonymous said... like Paris! mmmm! ;-)

Did you just change your banner on your blog page? I really like it! ...Gotta get some fun stuff in the mail soon!