Monday, October 26, 2009

Fan! Tastic!...

Awhile back I participated in the Rococo
Fan Swap hosted by Sonia . My partner was
Debi, we were a good match, we both
love pink! She made the most
gorgeous fan!

She coverd the blades with beautiful
roses cut from wallpaper.
I love all the pretty details in it.

The delicate glitter is just beautiful.
Thank you so much Debi!
This is the fan I sent her. I hear she
was tickled pink!

5 Junkgirls had this to say...:

Terri said...

I really like the fan you made for Debi, Looks like you used a pretty pink fabric. And the one she made for yoi is nice too. It was a fun Swap.

Sherry said...

The fans are both beautiful!! I love the roses on hers and the feathers on yours are absolutely gorgeous!! I bet Debi is "tickled pink!"


Anonymous said...
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Suzy said...

Pretty in pink - Love all the details! Suzy

The Lone Dollier said...

Beautiful fans. Ya'll were so creative! How do you learn to do those things?

Marilyn (come on over a visit)